Thursday, June 25, 2015

My dear😘

I love my dear so much..
Thanks god for having him with me ..
Thanks him for loving me..
Thanks him for caring me..
Thanks him for pampering me..
I love u , my dear .. Moy chun leng !! ❤️❤️

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am Back!!

Almost one year I have didn't update my blog..
Now ,I come back to blog again..
It's 2013,I already finish my university life.
I just can say I really miss my study life,if can I hope I can further study..
Now,I going to another stage of my life,that is working life.
I scare I really can't adapt my new life.

During my study life,I have a bun of good friends and lovely course mate.
Before start my working life,I go to KL to meet up them.
Seriously I really miss all of them,I hope I can work together with them.
But I know it's hard.

As I know,everyone have to grows up.
For me,I really need to grow up,be more strong,be more independent and be more confident.
I hope that whenever thing happen, I can solve it by myself.
For my mum,she still treat me as a gal that haven't been turn in lady.She will always nag me and always tell me about how to be a good person.

Let the photo talks:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012





Friday, December 16, 2011



Monday, October 3, 2011

sweet escape ♥♥♥

waynie come visit me after my final...
i feel very proud that i would brave to find waynie and bring her come my hostel..
it's so nice that we can meet each other at kl..
before that,we already promise that want come to find each other but at last also no have chance..

last Friday,waynie follow me and vivien,ching yee and kai jun and his friend went to sunway..
this is the 1st she went to sunway pyramid...
at first,we plan that wan go for the padini all RM5 store but we went there...
there full of people and make us don't feel to walk in also..
after that,we plan go sunway pyramid to enjoy the air con ..

we went for our lunch before we start our shopping..
i admit that i am shopaholic...
i spend so much but i enjoy it..
because it's was long long time i din went to shopping ...

we took many photos on that day..
and enjoy shopping..
all of us also bought alot..
it's a sweet escape after my exam...
i enjoy my life with my dear friends..
thanks you guys..
love you all..♥♥♥

our dinner...jojo little kitchen..=)

 our dessert...snowflake...=)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i don't know what should i do...
i just hope can faster finish my final and end my torturing week ..
i hate stay up late to study..
i not enough time to sleep...
it's quite torture and feel very tired at the next day..

i just hope can faster go back my sweet home..
and go shopping with my dear mum and meet my dear friends..
seriously i really miss penang food,my friend and my lovely bed...

last one to go..but i really no more study mood anymore..
but i very scare this subject..
hope i can handle this subject in two days and finish my exam..

i don't like to think too much..
i really don't know ..
i don't want....
i just hope nothing will happen soon..
and everything is become normal..
just hope that the problem can throw away to the sea.......=)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Final is coming soon..
but i still can't have any study mood..
i feel very stress when i see the timetable...
the timetable is very rush..
i scare i not enough time to study..
i very scare very scare very scare...
who can motivate me and help me????